Not really a question more of a statement. You don't know me but we stayed at the same hotel in Turkey and I stumbled across your blog when browsing through the Turkey tags and I recognised you and your brother. Just wanted to say I think you're soo pretty and your blog is mint x

Aw that’s so nice off you! Aha hope you enjoyed your holiday lovely x


This is so accurate 😂

Fucking love this ahahahah
I don’t talk to her I wouldn’t ever talk to her I think she’s a freak

Whey fucking aye

Had a sore throat for over 4 weeks now. Totally sick of life now ✋

How has this tan totally disappeared? I’m a ghost now 😩 so sickening. Need a hot holiday. Now.

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Indie | Boho | Personal -here- ;)

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Work at 10 am is so unappealing considering I thought I had a day off everything to just chill. Obviously not 😩✋

Makes me wanna die

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Tomorrow is gonna kill me. College 9 till 4:30 then work 5 until 9. Before I even get home it’ll be after 10 😩 ugh my god


rosy / glam blog, follow back similars, just ask! <3

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ARH my god

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Can’t stop coughing. Absolutely sick of life.






Indie | Boho | Personal -here- ;)

Love that necklace

Love night last night again with my babe! Been out 3 times this week, need to stop spending my money on alcohol and start booking things to look forward to instead aha!